Whole30 Challenge On the Road – And Nut Free!

As if my eating habits weren’t difficult enough with a nut allergy, gluten sensitivities and lactose-intolerance; I’ve decided to undertake a Whole30 challenge with my ambitious boyfriend (co-creator of PrimalPal.net and lead blogger over there).

When I agreed to the challenge I had forgotten that I had a week of work travel planned in August. Seeing as how work travel is a normal part of many of our lives, I decided to not only continue with the challenge as planned but also help out the work travel Paleo crowd by documenting how I did it. Check out the first post about how I prepped for travel, and the second one about how I managed while I was away.

I didn’t focus on my nut allergy because that’s not really the Primal Pal audience. I understand that Whole30 rules (basically strict Paleo) are plenty for most people to worry about without adding the extra emphasis of an allergy. That said, I obviously had to do both in the real world and I thought I’d put a couple add-ins over here.

First, if you read the posts you’ll notice that I don’t talk about eating at a restaurant. This is because I generally avoid doing this, especially when I’m traveling alone. I get nervous in new dining establishments and perhaps a bit paranoid. OK, a lot paranoid. But since I’ve had some pretty exciting experiences at restaurants related to my allergy, I think it’s understandable. Since I stay in hotels when I’m traveling and don’t have access to a kitchen, I mostly look for safer options at the grocery store or fresh ingredients I can throw together myself.

To be clear, I do eat out and really enjoy doing so under the right circumstances. I can cover this another time, but for this Whole30 traveling challenge I stuck to simple, trustworthy options. Hope you enjoy the posts over at PrimalPal.net!


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