Review: Nut Free Paleo Pumpkin Pie Recipe

I was going to experiment and come up with a brilliant nut free paleo pumpkin pie for you for Thanksgiving this year. But then I traveled between three continents for work in the weeks leading up to the holiday and lost any time to do this task justice.

But then yesterday it was Thanksgiving and I needed to make a pumpkin pie without a nut-based crust and preferably without too much sugar or evaporated milk. So I did what anyone in 2015 would do — I asked the internet. Dear Google, please send me a recipe for nut free paleo pumpkin pie.

It worked! I tried recipes for both the crust and the pumpkin pie┬áitself from Primally Inspired. Once you get past the fact that it takes the pages way too long to load because it’s so laden with ads, the recipes are great. I used each of them as written (I used tapioca flour rather than arrowroot in the crust, which is a suggested substitution), and my pie came out great. Seriously, I couldn’t even tell the difference from the version I ate growing up as a kid, which came directly from the can of Libby’s pumpkin. 5 stars.

My apologies to be late with this discovery, but I believe there is no wrong time to make pumpkin pie. Hope your turkey day was fabulous and that you have a reason to make this pie in the not-too-distant future.

nut free paleo pumpkin pie

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