Cookbook Review: One Pot Paleo

So here’s something fun. My husband receives lots of free paleo cookbooks because he owns/runs PrimalPal, a paleo meal planning website and app. (It’s awesome and you should obviously check it out.) So I get to review tons of cookbooks, many of which I may not have ever found on my own.

One Pot Paleo* is one of the cookbooks I’m not sure I would have stumbled across, but it showed up as a surprise on our doorstep. Lucky me!

one pot paleo cookbook

I’m kind of obsessed with this cookbook. For lots of reasons:

  1. It has an interesting Asian-fusion vibe, including lots of Filipino-inspired recipes. This is the only cookbook I own that fits in that bucket, so it feels really unique.
  2. There’s an allergy index at the end of the book(!). So you can see at a glance which recipes have nuts, dairy, eggs, etc. Super handy.
  3. The cookbook author doesn’t discriminate against rice. I still eat rice sometimes. I have not perceived any ill effects in my health when I eat rice, and it’s delicious. Plus I work out and I need to eat at least some carbs in order to feel human.
  4. This cookbook has an incredibly high percentage of nut-free recipes, and the ones that do have nuts are super easy to leave out.
  5. Everything I’ve made from this cookbook has turned out completely as expected — or better. It’s been really fun learning about and trying things like kelp noodles.
  6. The Austrian Pancake Bites. Because giant pancake. Without flipping! So good.
  7. Great pictures throughout. I have to consciously avoid drooling on the pages.

one pot paleo recipe review

So basically you should find this cookbook and check it out. It has opened my horizons more than any other cookbook lately.

Nut-free Cookbook Review Metrics

# of recipes: 80 (+11 basics in the back, like broth and mayo)

% of recipes with pictures: 100%

% of recipes without nuts: 95%
*Jenny has no idea I own this book or would write a review. She sent it to my husband’s business, not me. This link goes to her site and I get zero kickback if you buy the cookbook because I’m way too lazy to set up a referral account at Amazon or anywhere else. I write these reviews only to be helpful to nut allergy people like me.

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