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No Nuts in This Citrus Baked Salmon

Way back in December my boyfriend and I had a boatload of salmon in the fridge. It was getting close to dinner time, it was dark and cold outside, and we were feeling competitive. This could mean only one thing. Salmon showdown. This wasn’t the first time we dueled in the kitchen, and it wasn’t […]

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Nut Free Caponata

I’m pretty sure caponata is the perfect food. Maybe I’m just on a caponata kick lately and I’ll get tired of it eventually. My food fetishes come and go, but can last months (or years) at a time. After all, I did eat Crispix at least once a day for approximately three years. Sigh. I’m […]

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Paleo Hotdish

So, here‘s something crazy. Don’t like links? (I don’t blame you. I hate them.) Check this out: Behold a Minnesota legend and perhaps the sole reason for the continued existence of canned cream of mushroom soup: Tator Tot Hotdish. I might live in Minnesota, but the traditional version of hotdish isn’t something I’ve accepted as […]

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Always 100% Nut Free