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nut free paleo pumpkin pie

Review: Nut Free Paleo Pumpkin Pie Recipe

I was going to experiment and come up with a brilliant nut free paleo pumpkin pie for you for Thanksgiving this year. But then I traveled between three continents for work in the weeks leading up to the holiday and lost any time to do this task justice. But then yesterday it was Thanksgiving and […]

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nut free chocolate

PASCHA Chocolate Review

If you’ve seen my ode to chocolate, you know that one of my (usually frustrating) pastimes is scouring the ingredient labels in the chocolate aisle. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect chocolate that isn’t “manufactured in a plant that processes nuts.” Ninety-nine percent of the time, my efforts are futile. For a while […]

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The Primal Blueprint Cookbook Review

If you’ve been doing any online reading about this whole Paleo thing, you must have come across Mark Sisson and his Primal Blueprint empire. While Robb Wolf and Loren Cordain are often credited with starting the Paleo revolution, Sisson could surely be held responsible for bringing a point of view and a ridiculous amount of […]

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Cookbook Review: Well Fed

Melissa Joulwan’s Paleo cookbook, Well Fed, was the first no-grains, no-dairy cookbook to grace my kitchen shelf. Since then I’ve acquired several more, usually after borrowing them from the local library and falling in love with them. But Well Fed will always hold a special place as the first cookbook of it’s kind in my […]

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chocolate without nuts paleo

For the Love of (Nut Free) Chocolate

Here’s something that sucks about being allergic to nuts: the desperate search for quality chocolate. I read ingredients on absolutely any food in a package (even frozen veggies and cans of coconut milk), so I can confidently proclaim that 99% of good chocolate has a warning label on it that says it was “processed in […]

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Always 100% Nut Free