paleo chocolate chip cookies

Gluten-free, NUT-FREE Chocolate Chip Cookies

By my estimates, 99% of wheat-free chocolate chip cookies recipes call for almond flour. Arg, amiright?! What’s a nut-allergic girl to do? Come up with a nut-free alternative, naturally. I’ve tried many variations to get to this particular recipe, and I’m sharing because it’s my favorite. It’s unlikely you’ll mistake these for the Tollhouse variety […]

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Nut-free, Grain-free Apple Crisp

I dislike when blog posts (especially recipes) open with drawn-out explanations about why there haven’t been new posts in a while. Because of this, I’m going to post the recipe first, and if you are dying to know what I’ve been up to for the past few months instead of posting here, keep reading to […]

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nut-free paleo snack chips

More Nut-free Paleo Snacks: Plantain Chips

I looked like a crazy person at Trader Joe’s before the Superbowl. My boyfriend was already in line, and I was frantically reading the back of every bag of chips in an attempt to find some that I could safely eat. To my dismay, nearly all the options contained the infamous warning about being manufactured […]

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gluten-free blt

Nut-free, Gluten-free BALT Wraps

These tidy snacks remind me of summer. Sigh. The BALT in these wraps stands for bacon, avocado, lettuce and turkey. I felt like that might make for a long title. These are a crafty but straightforward alternative to a club sandwich with the same amazing texture juxtaposition of slippery avocado, chewy bacon, and a blanket […]

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Nut-free Snack Attack

I have a confession. Due to the intense Minnesota cold, I have terrible cabin fever coupled with some wicked SAD symptoms. Anyone else? You’d think this would cause me to cook more because I’m spending more time inside. Alas, instead I’m so bummed out that even my most favorite diversions have lacked appeal. In order […]

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nut free chocolate

PASCHA Chocolate Review

If you’ve seen my ode to chocolate, you know that one of my (usually frustrating) pastimes is scouring the ingredient labels in the chocolate aisle. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect chocolate that isn’t “manufactured in a plant that processes nuts.” Ninety-nine percent of the time, my efforts are futile. For a while […]

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Nut-Free Gluten-Free Maple Shortbread Cookies

These aren’t really cookies in the classic sense of the term. By this I mean they don’t spread out and puff up when you bake them. These are shortbread cookies, and therefore they’re meant to be small and dense and enjoyed with a cup of hot tea. While not overly mapley, these are a nice […]

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energy bars nut free

Homemade Nut-free Faux Larabars

This recipe blows my mind. I wish I could take complete credit for these delicious nut free Larabar impersonators, but if I’m totally honest I have to tell you that my significant other whipped these up. He may or may not have been influenced by my whining about the fact that the nutrition bar aisle […]

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Nut Free Flourless Chocolate Cake

I have three up-front warnings about this recipe: You’ll notice “Paleo” is not in the recipe title. This cake is not technically Paleo because it involves sugar and butter. I have not substituted maple syrup or honey because I’m pretty sure the consistency would be all wrong. And let’s be honest, it’s all sugar anyway. […]

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Talking to People About Food Allergies

Every so often I meet someone who has severe food allergies like I do. When it comes up in conversation, I have to refrain myself from throwing open my arms and clobbering them with a an uncomfortably premature hugfest. Regardless of how long I’ve known that person or how I’ve felt about him or her […]

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Always 100% Nut Free